Friday, November 4, 2016


How vast and various are the things that so easily "suck us in."  Jesus warned us about it even back then.
"Father, forgive me."

Once again to pray for "focus"
as the days press on.
Involved in oh so many things,
"spare time" is all gone!
Even that most precious time
that He and I have got
has been so infringed upon
by things that matter not!

"O Lord, forgive me.  I have sinned
by ignoring You.
By scheduling so many things
that I can't even do!
By trying to please everyone
and answer each contact,
I only get to You when there
are moments to extract.
There is NOTHING more important
than my time with You!
This computer...that appointment...
those calls that I must do...
Please focus me again, o Lord,
on what YOU want from me;
for then, and only then will I,
again begin to see!"

Turning my back on the things
that will embezzle time.
Am I able to break away
from such a heinous crime?
It MUST be done, however, to
again reclaim my life,
and spend it not on details of
another's joy or strife.

A friend sent me a message that affirmed something the Lord has been putting on my heart.  He said that he was closing his social media accounts so that he can spend more time with God, get more done and spend more time living.
Let us not get "sucked in" by all of the "conveniences" of this modern age.

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