Sunday, November 27, 2016


As I look across the street, there is so much activity in the trees!

The squirrels are yet babies as
they jump and run along.
As long as it is daytime
celebration be their song!
As long as there is daylight
they frolic and entertain;
the hour will be later on
when they will hide from rain!

So vital is creation and
each detail God designed.
So many are the wonders He
has placed for us to find!
So vast is His involvement in
this life and all of living!
So make Him central in your life
and He will keep on giving!

The squirrels in the trees...
the early morning breeze...
the rain to later fall...

The squirrels are enjoying the day that is.  Make sure YOU enjoy the day He created too!  He makes it all for you and I...and the squirrels!


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