Sunday, November 6, 2016

Season tapestry

From atop the hill, you can see for many miles.  Covering the land for many of those miles is what autumn has left behind...

How many are the colors in the blanket?
How many those remaining on the branch?
One alone to name each one existing-
the same to tarry with me at the ranch!
So beautiful and peaceful is the morning
long before the business to commence.
Coffee with my Lord and my Creator
as we walk along the wooden fence.

Yes, autumn is alive in all of living;
Its presence known so well unto the sight!
So many shades, nuances and colors-
o let now every vision take delight!
To a time of aging and of fading
He colors every leaf like no one can,
spreads it out upon an endless canvas,
presenting it a gift to every man!

O so very vibrant is the morning blanket!
Take note for sure as you go on your way!
For not another to create such color,
save Him Who is the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Creator God, but at all times creating,
even as creation slowly dies.
How many are the colors in the blanket?
Once more, the writer takes his pen and tries...

I know that these words are read all over the world.  It is my sincere hope that wherever you live, autumn (or your comparable season,) is as beautiful as it is here!
God is such a wonderful Creator!

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