Monday, November 28, 2016

Scrambled thoughts...

"The most wonderful time of the year?"  Maybe.
A most wonderful time of the year?  Definitely!
I am not against Jesus being glorified during this time of year, but where is His glory for the rest of the year?

Jesus, Jesus.  Focus for

a few weeks in December?
No!  But all of living long
to constantly remember!
He did not only gift us at
the end of every year,
He gave to each His everything
as long as He was here!
And Jesus, He is giving still
as Christmas comes once more.
Giving that superior
than found in any store!
Giving that so living in
this place and That Beyond!
Jesus, Jesus--of you, He
is so, so very fond!

Jesus--o so wonderful,

so constant...every day!
Celebrate His birth, but do not
leave His state that way!
He is alive and well and moving
at all times and days!
See to it that the most important
gift is His live praise!

Jesus is alive and well and receptive to our praise, our prayers and our conversation.  He doesn't require a reason to communicate with Him.

It doesn't even have to wait until December!!

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