Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Real Doubt

Yes, there is such a thing.  Even in the strongest Christian's life, he will confess that there are moments of discouragement, doubt, pain and fear.  God knows that.  And He remains God.  And we remain His loved ones!

I know there is an answer-
the same, He has a Name!
He's also my Provider-
so much have I to claim!
Do I always feel Good?
Are answers always there?
No.  But I have His assurance
He is always there!

I know so well The Answer.
Jesus is His Name.
Sometimes, I reach for Him and cry out-
yet I feel the same.
That doesn't change His place at all
inside my heart and life,
but it assures I'm not alone
as I go through the strife.

Jesus Christ, The Answer
to all I'm going through.
He is not always seen and heard;
sometimes He's 'overdue;'
but that's just 'feeling' once again,
for He is ALWAYS near!
I must but just lean back a bit,
for His embrace is here!

"Oh Lord, You are The Answer, even
when I cannot sense.
I cling to You with open arms-
You are my recompense.
No matter what accumulates,
approaches or invades,
Your embrace, Your Name, Your Blood,
it is my lone blockade!

No matter what I see, feel or hear, Jesus is greater and He is right here, holding me in His arms.  Sometimes, I must believe and accept that rather than just feel it.

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