Saturday, November 19, 2016

Maintaining the peace

"Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done."
There is so much happening in the world right now, much that would incur panic, (if you let it,) even among God's people.  Watching the news...reading the paper...listening to voices of the day would surely inflict said panic!
But what did Jesus say?

"Again, I am reminded that

all things are in Your care.
There is no thing surprising You-
You know that it is there.
Even, Lord, the outcome of
the things that are not yet
is settled in Your sovereign will
which cannot be upset.
BUT GOD, Your sovereign patience is not
common unto man.
We use our emotions more
than trusting in Your plan.
We are too quick to act upon
the way we think and feel,
instead of waiting for Your will
and what it will reveal.

'Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done.'

O make it live once more!
O help us do Your will, instead
of things that You abhor!
Help us to cling unto the Truth
that You are all in all.
Renew the trust of everyone
who answers to Your call!"

Too much information coming from too many sources.

Not enough of that information being compared to the sovereign Word of God.
The answers are still in that Holy matter who says what!

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