Thursday, November 24, 2016

Living Thanks

Labors ceased...loved ones gathered...hearts opened for one day each year to give thanks!

We've so much to be grateful for;
we are so very blessed!
We are so very 'wealthy' if
we've honestly confessed!
A time of celebration...
a time of family near...
but more--a time to thank the Lord
for His great Presence here!

So many the traditions living
on this blessed day.
So many people gathering-
some from far away!
So vast is the assortment and
abundance of the food!
But let us focus mainly on
the gift of GRATITUDE!

Yes, so grateful for so much,
and grateful unto God!
For He is THE Provider--all
His ways do we applaud!
Invite Him to Your celebration
on this thankful day.
Invite Him into ALL your times--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

For ONE day each year?  O let such not be!  Let it not be a yearly celebration, but a daily, a CONSTANT way of life!

May it be more than "Thanksgiving."
May it be Thanksliving!

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