Sunday, November 20, 2016

Life reactions

So many things in this life happening so fast!  So many reactions from so many of us!  Does anybody care?

So wonderful to see life happen
as God means it to!
Does that mean 'bad' things never happen
unto me and you?
Of course not!  But when it does,
in care we come together;
binding hearts and lives as one
makes us tough as leather!
And in that strength to show the softness
of the human heart.
If there is something wrong with you,
I want to be a part!
It is the calling of us each
that, unto God, belong;
we each contribute to the chorus
of His living song!

So wonderful, life happening,
revealing God above!
Doing such is mere example
of His perfect love!
What can you do at this time
to be part of that song?
O but there are countless ways
for you to sing along!

Even when things are going wrong in this life, people are watching and being affected by our example.  Are they seeing God react in our lives, pulling us through?  Or are they seeing us react, trying fix it the way we would?
People care.  And they are watching.

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