Friday, November 18, 2016

His Agenda

What a wonderful blessing to be able to communicate with God, KNOWING that He knows what you're going through...

Once again, so early...

once again, He's here.
We walk so very slowly;
I'm grateful He is near!
He talks to me just like a friend,
we speak of everything!
He laughs and slaps me on the back,
not like a 'normal' king!

Our conversation candid,
nothing is taboo.
I can tell Him of my day,
He says "I feel that, too."
He tells me what to say and do
so that I can relate;
He teaches me to love, regardless
of belief or fate.

So priceless is the early
walking with The King.
Jesus Christ my Savior
can answer anything.
And He can enjoy with me
the miracles of morn-
the life that is so aged and
the life so newly born.

Morning walk.  Never alone!  Always beneficial.
Seek the Lord and His agenda first thing.  It will most likely differ from yours, but it will ALWAYS make the day go better!

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