Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Why is it so hard, in some places, for people to be people?  Why is it so hard, in places of work, to be friends with other employees?
As I continue to be in workplaces and behold the mechanics and dynamics of such, I note that it is so hard for most people to be themselves.  I see how some people are not quite honest and open with each other.  Could it be that they have difficulty being honest and open with themselves?

On the 'business' end,
so difficult to 'friend.'
Suspicions--they abound.
Is there 'common ground?'
I have employees many.
Few open up, if any.
It's "us" and "them," but why?
The gaps intensify...

Society is such.
It's not OK to 'touch.'
"Friendship" comes with strings;
seldom freedom rings.
O come, regression, come!
Can 'equality' be a sum?
Can friendship outweigh
the 'labels' of the day?

On the business end.
Retain ye every friend!
Even make some new--
it's difficult to do!
But it is worth it all.
The labors come to call
are speed-bumps on the road
to lighten someone's load.

True friendship.  Is it confined to just a few places?  Is it forbidden in other places?  Why?  That's not what Jesus intended.  Or is it merely a matter of the heart?  A true and honest heart?

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