Thursday, November 17, 2016

Colors of early

Quite windy this morning.
Some of the trees finished overnight, but THIS wind has caused even the stubborn to start letting go...

In the early early, many
colors are aloft...
some are not so subtle, while
some others are not as soft;
all of them, however, be
so vibrant in the light;
with the breath of morning, many
of them take to flight!

O find for me location where
the tapestry would grow!
Too many that I know would rake
and pile and burn and mow!
Very few to let the season
hues accumulate;
Oh, but, in the early,
autumn's quilt is oh so great!

As minutes would accumulate,
the hues intensify!
How glorious, creation done
as God would specify!
Creator of creation and
the wonder that is such!
We are so very fortunate
to see and know His touch!

To see and know His touch.  God's touch. 
It is possible.  We do so without effort.  But it takes effort to appreciate it!  Make it a point to either STOP and notice His touch, or take it in as you go your way.  I know business and busyness, and both will be there when you get to where you're going.
SEE and KNOW His touch.

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