Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What if...

We have so much to be thankful for.  Did we?

What if I woke up in the morning,
looking all around,
what I thanked God for yesterday
is all that would be found?
Would it be a landscape filled
or a desert scene?
Today--it isn't over yet,
and God can still be seen...

In whatever state you are in, you have many reasons to give thanks.
Don't be robbed of that opportunity!  There is still time today...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Scrambled thoughts...

"The most wonderful time of the year?"  Maybe.
A most wonderful time of the year?  Definitely!
I am not against Jesus being glorified during this time of year, but where is His glory for the rest of the year?

Jesus, Jesus.  Focus for

a few weeks in December?
No!  But all of living long
to constantly remember!
He did not only gift us at
the end of every year,
He gave to each His everything
as long as He was here!
And Jesus, He is giving still
as Christmas comes once more.
Giving that superior
than found in any store!
Giving that so living in
this place and That Beyond!
Jesus, Jesus--of you, He
is so, so very fond!

Jesus--o so wonderful,

so constant...every day!
Celebrate His birth, but do not
leave His state that way!
He is alive and well and moving
at all times and days!
See to it that the most important
gift is His live praise!

Jesus is alive and well and receptive to our praise, our prayers and our conversation.  He doesn't require a reason to communicate with Him.

It doesn't even have to wait until December!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


As I look across the street, there is so much activity in the trees!

The squirrels are yet babies as
they jump and run along.
As long as it is daytime
celebration be their song!
As long as there is daylight
they frolic and entertain;
the hour will be later on
when they will hide from rain!

So vital is creation and
each detail God designed.
So many are the wonders He
has placed for us to find!
So vast is His involvement in
this life and all of living!
So make Him central in your life
and He will keep on giving!

The squirrels in the trees...
the early morning breeze...
the rain to later fall...

The squirrels are enjoying the day that is.  Make sure YOU enjoy the day He created too!  He makes it all for you and I...and the squirrels!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Trusting by faith

Here it comes...winter.
It hasn't really made its mind up yet,  65 day/35 night, but it's coming.
Just a few more things to add to that list of what we're thankful for.

Enjoying His creation while
it's colors still exist.
White and gray to ponder in
the early even mist...
So thankful for the seasons and
the Maker of the same!
As life unwinds from busyness
we glorify His Name!

Though another month away,
yet it's 'feeling' cold!
Minding of the chores yet waiting
'fore it does unfold.
I only must behold the leaves
to be told of a chore!
As the days amass the list
will slowly grow some more.

But will I enjoy it on
November afternoon.
Enjoy it with me, won't you?
For it will be gone so soon!
Then MOST will be enjoying not
(unless they're wearing skis!)
Again, though, one-day-at-a-time-
yes, even with this breeze!

Again, I admonish you--enjoy it!  However bad it gets where you are, there is ALWAYS somewhere else that is worse.
Whatever happens wherever you live, God is aware of it and will take care of you.  Continue to trust Him.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Living Thanks

Labors ceased...loved ones gathered...hearts opened for one day each year to give thanks!

We've so much to be grateful for;
we are so very blessed!
We are so very 'wealthy' if
we've honestly confessed!
A time of celebration...
a time of family near...
but more--a time to thank the Lord
for His great Presence here!

So many the traditions living
on this blessed day.
So many people gathering-
some from far away!
So vast is the assortment and
abundance of the food!
But let us focus mainly on
the gift of GRATITUDE!

Yes, so grateful for so much,
and grateful unto God!
For He is THE Provider--all
His ways do we applaud!
Invite Him to Your celebration
on this thankful day.
Invite Him into ALL your times--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

For ONE day each year?  O let such not be!  Let it not be a yearly celebration, but a daily, a CONSTANT way of life!

May it be more than "Thanksgiving."
May it be Thanksliving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Be still!

"Be still and know that I am God."
Usually, the speed of life does not allow for rest stops. 
"Be still and know that I am God."
What?!  I don't have time to be still!  Don't you know what this life is like?!  I need a faster car...a faster iPhone...a faster internet connection...a faster way to get my customers' order to them!
I can't "Be still!"

O when will I obey the words,
Even the words in red?
He's proven to me countless times
that He'll do what He said!
"But God, I need it yesterday...
But God, they want it NOW!
Yet Your command remains 'Be still-
and behold just how!'"

"O teach me how to balance this life
with the one You give.
I know if I obey Your time
much richer will I live!
I won't be in a panic, rushing
here and rushing there;
I won't be 'spinning wheels' for I
will do a BETTER share!"

"Be still and know..."  so simply said
but not so simply done!
It takes a major discipline-
and that is never fun!
It does get easier, however,
more often in our walk-
making God's will daily life
and not just Sunday talk.

"Be still and know..." 

It MUST be a part of that daily life, regardless of its speed.  That "sweet hour of prayer."  A WHOLE HOUR?!  Are you kidding?!! 
No matter what speed this life may be, there is ALWAYS time to spend with God, or else He would not have commanded us to "Be still."  Psalm 46:10

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Life reactions

So many things in this life happening so fast!  So many reactions from so many of us!  Does anybody care?

So wonderful to see life happen
as God means it to!
Does that mean 'bad' things never happen
unto me and you?
Of course not!  But when it does,
in care we come together;
binding hearts and lives as one
makes us tough as leather!
And in that strength to show the softness
of the human heart.
If there is something wrong with you,
I want to be a part!
It is the calling of us each
that, unto God, belong;
we each contribute to the chorus
of His living song!

So wonderful, life happening,
revealing God above!
Doing such is mere example
of His perfect love!
What can you do at this time
to be part of that song?
O but there are countless ways
for you to sing along!

Even when things are going wrong in this life, people are watching and being affected by our example.  Are they seeing God react in our lives, pulling us through?  Or are they seeing us react, trying fix it the way we would?
People care.  And they are watching.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Maintaining the peace

"Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done."
There is so much happening in the world right now, much that would incur panic, (if you let it,) even among God's people.  Watching the news...reading the paper...listening to voices of the day would surely inflict said panic!
But what did Jesus say?

"Again, I am reminded that

all things are in Your care.
There is no thing surprising You-
You know that it is there.
Even, Lord, the outcome of
the things that are not yet
is settled in Your sovereign will
which cannot be upset.
BUT GOD, Your sovereign patience is not
common unto man.
We use our emotions more
than trusting in Your plan.
We are too quick to act upon
the way we think and feel,
instead of waiting for Your will
and what it will reveal.

'Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done.'

O make it live once more!
O help us do Your will, instead
of things that You abhor!
Help us to cling unto the Truth
that You are all in all.
Renew the trust of everyone
who answers to Your call!"

Too much information coming from too many sources.

Not enough of that information being compared to the sovereign Word of God.
The answers are still in that Holy Book...no matter who says what!

Friday, November 18, 2016

His Agenda

What a wonderful blessing to be able to communicate with God, KNOWING that He knows what you're going through...

Once again, so early...

once again, He's here.
We walk so very slowly;
I'm grateful He is near!
He talks to me just like a friend,
we speak of everything!
He laughs and slaps me on the back,
not like a 'normal' king!

Our conversation candid,
nothing is taboo.
I can tell Him of my day,
He says "I feel that, too."
He tells me what to say and do
so that I can relate;
He teaches me to love, regardless
of belief or fate.

So priceless is the early
walking with The King.
Jesus Christ my Savior
can answer anything.
And He can enjoy with me
the miracles of morn-
the life that is so aged and
the life so newly born.

Morning walk.  Never alone!  Always beneficial.
Seek the Lord and His agenda first thing.  It will most likely differ from yours, but it will ALWAYS make the day go better!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Colors of early

Quite windy this morning.
Some of the trees finished overnight, but THIS wind has caused even the stubborn to start letting go...

In the early early, many
colors are aloft...
some are not so subtle, while
some others are not as soft;
all of them, however, be
so vibrant in the light;
with the breath of morning, many
of them take to flight!

O find for me location where
the tapestry would grow!
Too many that I know would rake
and pile and burn and mow!
Very few to let the season
hues accumulate;
Oh, but, in the early,
autumn's quilt is oh so great!

As minutes would accumulate,
the hues intensify!
How glorious, creation done
as God would specify!
Creator of creation and
the wonder that is such!
We are so very fortunate
to see and know His touch!

To see and know His touch.  God's touch. 
It is possible.  We do so without effort.  But it takes effort to appreciate it!  Make it a point to either STOP and notice His touch, or take it in as you go your way.  I know business and busyness, and both will be there when you get to where you're going.
SEE and KNOW His touch.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Real Doubt

Yes, there is such a thing.  Even in the strongest Christian's life, he will confess that there are moments of discouragement, doubt, pain and fear.  God knows that.  And He remains God.  And we remain His loved ones!

I know there is an answer-
the same, He has a Name!
He's also my Provider-
so much have I to claim!
Do I always feel Good?
Are answers always there?
No.  But I have His assurance
He is always there!

I know so well The Answer.
Jesus is His Name.
Sometimes, I reach for Him and cry out-
yet I feel the same.
That doesn't change His place at all
inside my heart and life,
but it assures I'm not alone
as I go through the strife.

Jesus Christ, The Answer
to all I'm going through.
He is not always seen and heard;
sometimes He's 'overdue;'
but that's just 'feeling' once again,
for He is ALWAYS near!
I must but just lean back a bit,
for His embrace is here!

"Oh Lord, You are The Answer, even
when I cannot sense.
I cling to You with open arms-
You are my recompense.
No matter what accumulates,
approaches or invades,
Your embrace, Your Name, Your Blood,
it is my lone blockade!

No matter what I see, feel or hear, Jesus is greater and He is right here, holding me in His arms.  Sometimes, I must believe and accept that rather than just feel it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Why is it so hard, in some places, for people to be people?  Why is it so hard, in places of work, to be friends with other employees?
As I continue to be in workplaces and behold the mechanics and dynamics of such, I note that it is so hard for most people to be themselves.  I see how some people are not quite honest and open with each other.  Could it be that they have difficulty being honest and open with themselves?

On the 'business' end,
so difficult to 'friend.'
Suspicions--they abound.
Is there 'common ground?'
I have employees many.
Few open up, if any.
It's "us" and "them," but why?
The gaps intensify...

Society is such.
It's not OK to 'touch.'
"Friendship" comes with strings;
seldom freedom rings.
O come, regression, come!
Can 'equality' be a sum?
Can friendship outweigh
the 'labels' of the day?

On the business end.
Retain ye every friend!
Even make some new--
it's difficult to do!
But it is worth it all.
The labors come to call
are speed-bumps on the road
to lighten someone's load.

True friendship.  Is it confined to just a few places?  Is it forbidden in other places?  Why?  That's not what Jesus intended.  Or is it merely a matter of the heart?  A true and honest heart?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Matthew 6:33

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."

"O discipline me, Father, that

I give to You my time.
I've filled it with such busyness,
that it won't hardly rhyme!
So much to occupy that time,
and that much more each day!
Why is it such a sacrifice,
the Spirit, to obey?

O discipline me, Lord, that I
would give to You what's right.
That in the schedule that YOU make, Lord,
I would take delight!
I know that if I follow Your lead
all things will get done;
I'll have no trouble finishing
anything that I've begun.

Please discipline me, Lord, that I
would be what You desire.
then for to accomplish, Lord,
Your will in its entire!
Here am I in true submission-
use me as You will.
I need to be about Your business,
that last day, until."

So much going on in this world.  So many issues vying for our time.  Even "good" things sneak in and embezzle us out of that precious time that belongs to God.
Stay focused.  Give God that which belongs to Him and He will see to it that all the things that truly matter get accomplished in your day...in your life!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Season tapestry

From atop the hill, you can see for many miles.  Covering the land for many of those miles is what autumn has left behind...

How many are the colors in the blanket?
How many those remaining on the branch?
One alone to name each one existing-
the same to tarry with me at the ranch!
So beautiful and peaceful is the morning
long before the business to commence.
Coffee with my Lord and my Creator
as we walk along the wooden fence.

Yes, autumn is alive in all of living;
Its presence known so well unto the sight!
So many shades, nuances and colors-
o let now every vision take delight!
To a time of aging and of fading
He colors every leaf like no one can,
spreads it out upon an endless canvas,
presenting it a gift to every man!

O so very vibrant is the morning blanket!
Take note for sure as you go on your way!
For not another to create such color,
save Him Who is the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Creator God, but at all times creating,
even as creation slowly dies.
How many are the colors in the blanket?
Once more, the writer takes his pen and tries...

I know that these words are read all over the world.  It is my sincere hope that wherever you live, autumn (or your comparable season,) is as beautiful as it is here!
God is such a wonderful Creator!

14th & Holly

Sitting out on the porch.  Looking up and down the street.  So much life going on.  Am I going to be part of it...

There is a man so near me.

I need to be his friend!
If I associate with him,
the ridicule won't end!
Some say that he is different...
some say that he is lost...
I feel so led to be his friend--
but should I count the cost?

There is a man so near me.
Most will not let him near!
Because he has beliefs that differ
should I join the fear?
I know that it is Christ behind
this battle going on;
and it is Christ that draws before
the opportune is gone!

That man so very near me
is different indeed!
But through the eyes of Christ, our
similarities exceed!
I am no better than he is...
he is no worse than I...
If I but get to know him, it is
Christ we glorify!

There is a man so near me.
I don't know what to say.
BUT GOD, He is aware and He
will give words on that day!
I only must go over there,
my self to introduce.
God Most High will do the rest;
a friendship to produce!

I can't go over there.  What if he is a criminal?
I can't go over there.  What if he is black?
I can't go over there.  What if he is gay?
I can't go over there.  What if he is Hispanic?

What a Friend!!

And quite a bit more than a friend, but that's what He wants to be first and foremost.  Of course, there is quite a list of all that He is and will be in your life, but He wants to be your FRIEND, as well...

A Friend like not another-
Jesus, Lord to me!
There's not a thing He doesn't know,
and all things can He be!
Everything that's necessary
has He or He'll obtain!
O give your heart to Him in whole
and ALL shall be your gain!

A Friend like not another,
oh, but closer though!
Even closer than a brother
will you come to know!
Not only your Provider, but
companion to no end!
Yes, His Name is Jesus--He is
closer than a friend!

A Friend like not another--
but how can words explain?
For it is quite impossible
mere 'language' to explain!
One must but "experience"
that Christ reality
for to know that "friendship" that
is known to such as we!

Yes, and so much more than a friend!  Get to know Jesus!  GET TO KNOW JESUS, MY FRIEND!  He is the greatest thing that will ever happen to you!
Just ask Him!


Autumn Interlude

The window over my desk.
The blue afternoon sky.
The trees shedding their colorful garments at will.
Through the empty limbs, a crescent moon plays peek-a-boo with me.
Autumn interlude...

So much to be busy with,
so much going on.
I must do all that I can do
before the time is gone!
Already is it afternoon
and hurried be my gait,
when God my Father interrupts
and says to me "Just wait!"
I know that when He says this I have

too much happening.
He does this so that common sense
may find an opening.
Reminding me that all that must
be done will find a way,
and if I but completely trust,
victory will stay!

Too busy with what must be done
and, once more, I am caught.
If I do not make time for Jesus
all will be for naught!
Back to noticing the limbs,
the branches and the moon--
these precious blessings from His hand
will all be gone too soon.

They will all be gone too soon, and that which is pressing will still be available for you when you finish that special moment with God.  Watch for those moments.  They are more common than you think, as HE knows what is best for us.

Friday, November 4, 2016


How vast and various are the things that so easily "suck us in."  Jesus warned us about it even back then.
"Father, forgive me."

Once again to pray for "focus"
as the days press on.
Involved in oh so many things,
"spare time" is all gone!
Even that most precious time
that He and I have got
has been so infringed upon
by things that matter not!

"O Lord, forgive me.  I have sinned
by ignoring You.
By scheduling so many things
that I can't even do!
By trying to please everyone
and answer each contact,
I only get to You when there
are moments to extract.
There is NOTHING more important
than my time with You!
This computer...that appointment...
those calls that I must do...
Please focus me again, o Lord,
on what YOU want from me;
for then, and only then will I,
again begin to see!"

Turning my back on the things
that will embezzle time.
Am I able to break away
from such a heinous crime?
It MUST be done, however, to
again reclaim my life,
and spend it not on details of
another's joy or strife.

A friend sent me a message that affirmed something the Lord has been putting on my heart.  He said that he was closing his social media accounts so that he can spend more time with God, get more done and spend more time living.
Let us not get "sucked in" by all of the "conveniences" of this modern age.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Early in the morning.  Barely a breeze...

Only have the wind chimes any motion;

and that because so distant I can hear...
For there be such a stillness in the morning-
the trees aren't even waving, far or near!
Perfect peace as I walk with my Father.
He greets me with "Good morning, precious son!"
I worship Him and savor His creation
before intercourse of all that must be done.

He points out His creation to the east of me:
the rolling hills and trees go on and on...
He shows me His creation to the west of me
the ocean--o so restless in the dawn!
He minds of His creation as He looks at me:
a brand new person with a brand new heart!
And I am minded of a truth so valuable:
He gives to all His Own a brand new start!

In the stillness of an autumn morning;
the silence of a bright November coast...
the movement of the ever-restless ocean...
o but more--the movement of Holy Ghost!
Time doesn't matter with this life communing,
it disappears as we discuss the day;
even all creation bows as I'm with
Jesus Christ--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Time with Jesus in the glory of His creation.  He knows what the day contains, so He provides all we need to see us through.  Don't take any of it for granted.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Waiting Room

Once more inside a place;
concern on every face.
The reasons be so vast;
no issue unsurpassed!

All people in this place
be loved out of One grace!
So various the needs,
but, oh, for such He bleeds!

No matter why they're here,
God's grace to persevere!
His love--it covers all--
He IS The Wherewithal!

So many in this place.
So glorious, God's grace!
His arms, for they surround
and make each person sound.

Alone inside this place.
How can His living Grace
be seen and felt and heard?
One smile...one touch...one word!

The waiting room at the hospital.  Just by looking around at faces, one can distinguish the severity of the visit.  That pain can be soothed by a word, a glance, a touch.  Don't be afraid to do what you are called to.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This City

Walking alone.  Early evening.  So many people...so many issues...so many ________.  But only ONE Answer!

I do not know this city...
I do not know this street...
I know the One Who knows each one, though,
and knows them complete!
There's nothing hidden from Him,
(even when it's hidden!)
He sees all of the goodness and
He sees what is forbidden.

I'm visiting this city.

I do not know it well.
I do not have to live in fear, though,
I will live to tell!
The Same to know each citizen
in this town to reside,
He is my own Protector, and
He lives so deep inside!

He knows so well this city,

He knows each resident.
He calls to each and every heart
to love, to serve, repent.
His offer is to every man-
the station matters not;
whatever be the lack, the need,
this Jesus, He has got!

I do not know this city,

but God, He knows it well!
And every need of every man
but truly He can tell!
And He calls each one to Himself
to meet that crucial need.
O city, turn your hearts to God,
He loves you, yes indeed!!

An evening walk in a foreign place.  Made familiar as I look at it through the eyes of Jesus.  May they observe Him in my eyes as I visit, bringing Life alive!