Friday, October 21, 2016


What is that noise?  What is that rumble?  Should I have a peace about this...

There is a tumult yonder...
there is a mighty wind...
It is a sound of Holy Spirit
on us to descend!
O do not fear the ruckus
that's coming from above!
Embrace it and accept it,
receive it with all love!

There is a noise out yonder--
wait for it to arrive?
Or run toward it?  Seek it out?
Hear it in the distance...
feel it in the air...
know that it is God Most High
approaching for to share!

The tumult that is stirring--
not anything the same!
It is the Holy Spirit,
and it is why He came:
to stir us up, to trouble us,
to make us come alive!
There is a tumult certain
to, very soon, arrive!

Get out of your comfort zone!  God Himself will break out of any "ritual" that you attempt to confine Him to!  There is so much He has for you; so much He has for us to do!  A lot of it will NOT be comfortable.
Can you handle that?

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