Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This Place

Wandering the lonely streets.  Does anyone care?
Seemingly drifting along as the hours pass...until I am drawn toward a beautiful building.  I am compelled to enter in...

I have come into this place

to find some answers here.
I will not be distracted;
I will sternly persevere!
So many others join me here;
so various the "Whys?"
but nothing will deter me, as
I'm drawn in by His eyes!

Drawn so into this place as He
keeps calling out my name.
What use has He of me as I
have so much guilt and shame?!
He knows about my present...
He knows about my past...
yet His arms are open and
His love for me is vast!
I enter in this place in spite
of o so many eyes.
Walking past the stares and whispers,
Grace I realize.
I will let nothing rob me of
that mercy, love and grace
that exudes from Jesus as
I look into His face!

O run into that place
where you are drawn by grace!
Let NOTHING interfere,
especially shame and fear!

I know that you know what I'm talking about.  I know that there has been something, some time in your life that you felt like you had to escape.

I pray that you find the same Refuge I did!

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