Monday, October 3, 2016

Sweet security

God knows it all...but He still wants to hear from you!
He is fully aware of your needs and desires.  But He still wants to converse with you about...just talk to you!  Even if it's just describing to Him the beauty of your surroundings!  He DESIRES to be with you and converse with you.

"Already are we fully known

unto You and Your heart.
Already, Lord, are You complete,
but You give us a part!
Already are You perfect and
have need of not a thing,
but You engraft us unto Yourself-
closer do You bring!

You have our moments numbered,
You have our living planned,
but without You inside of this life,
Lord, we cannot stand!
Your generosity is such
as not another source;
we praise You, Father, with thanksgiving
constantly, of course!

Oh, the blessed security
in being known by You.
For You have made us to belong
as only You can do!
Great and mighty are You, Father,
there is none like You!
We are so very fortunate
that You make us anew!"

Yes, that sweet security of belonging.  Belonging to THE CREATOR! 

Do you have that security?

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