Sunday, October 2, 2016


There are occasions in this life that make us wonder if God is really in complete control.   Of course, we know in our hearts that He is, but there are those moments that attempt to make us doubt...

The view from here!  Incredible!!
O how can I explain?
I thought that I was in the valley
due the wretched pain;
but I cannot recall that here
as I look around...
a respite from the ritual
but surely I have found!

But Where am I that I should know
this glory and this grace?
I do not want to exit from
the peace here in this place!
I do not want to wake to find
that this is but a dream!
I do not want to learn that this
is just a phony scheme!

I look below...I look above...
I look then all around...
It all looks so far away,
and faint is every sound;
then I feel His mighty hand
tap gently on my feet
and know the shoulders of my God
are holding me complete!!

Suddenly, I understand
the reason there is peace:
though life itself continues on,
the stress may I release;
Someone greater than myself
will shoulder such a load,
I only must continue forth
regardless of the road.

So wonderful, such a blessing are the assurances that come our way as we belong to God!  So wonderful it is to even belong to Him!!  God, Almighty God, wants us to be His children!!
How fortunate are those who accept His offer!

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