Friday, October 7, 2016


There are so many people in this place!  How will my voice even be recognized?!

"In a place, Lord, with so many,

(and much more each day!)
so varied are the reasons that
we each have come this way.
Just as varied be the people,
but You know them each;
You know each detail of them and
You know just how to reach.
You know the details of me, also;
God, I'm not unknown!
As busy as You are, You take us--
so much we are shown!
You take us by the hand, as well,
when we just cannot see,
but we KNOW that You are with us--
safe, Lord, we will be!

So many strangers in a place--
we do not have to be!
For we are more alike than not,
no matter what we see!
For you have made each one of us;
o help us get along!
So many are the notes, oh God,
but it is yet ONE song!"

Are you singing yet?  You can!  Most of you are without even knowing it!  Find someone that has lost their song and help them find it today.

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