Sunday, October 23, 2016


Do you ever stop right where you are, look around and realize just how WEALTHY you really are?  I mean, if you are reading this, you have at least a computer and electricity!  PRAISE GOD!  And thank Him for that...

"Because You are so good to us,
Lord, there is not another!
Because You love us, Father, we
can each love one another!
Because You give us everything
that we could ever need,
we can give out of our hearts
according to Your lead!
And Your leading, it is faithful,
daily as we go.
Your constant guidance in this life
desire we to know!
Your wisdom and direction, it
is necessary so
if, Your Presence in our lives,
may others come to know!

Because You are so good to us,
because we respond,
we can reach our neighbor, Lord,
and oh so far beyond!
Oh make us ever cognizant
of You here in this place
so that more men may come to know
Your mercy, love and grace!"

Stop what you are doing.  See that realization as truth and thank God for it!  Help those around you realize such truth, for they may be focused on something that is overwhelming.  YOU are the one who can get them to THE ONE Who can see them through!
Give, you wealthy person!

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