Monday, October 24, 2016


In the big city.  Vacation. 
Mommy & daddy just left for work...time for granny & poppa's continued education!
As I watch them go, Holy Spirit speaks...

Cold still in the city-
off they go to work;
much responsibility
would some attempt to shirk;
but there is one, however,
he just went out the door;
he is quite secure in what
he was created for.
He has responsibilities
at home and in That Place.
He must prepare for to receive
and to dispense That Grace.
So very many come to him
for what the Lord provides;
so very many see him and,
in him, the heart confides.

Morning in the city-
a purpose have we each.
In ALL we do, there is a calling
to listen and to reach.
It's not alone assigned to him
in God's House to abide,
it is for ALL who have the Lord
in their hearts to reside.

Just because my son has an office in God's House does not mean he is the only minister around.  Every one of us has a calling on our lives if we claim Jesus as our Savior!  And those who are seeking?  They are EVERYWHERE!  They are reaching out.  They are crying out.  They are right next to us in every direction. 
Are you available for Jesus to utilize!

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