Thursday, October 27, 2016


In your mind, you feel like it is your vindication.  It is your punishment for the one that wronged you.  In reality, it is a dungeon.  YOUR dungeon.
That other person or persons could probably care less if you forgave them!  (They may not even know that it was done!)  They may have long-forgotten whatever the incident was.  Meanwhile, YOU continue to suffer in that dungeon...

How long to know the pain of what
so long ago occurred?
How long to hold accountable
without a single word?
How many times to line them up
in a firing squad?
Even while there, in that pew
singing and praising God?

He hears our prayers, but the answers
never come about...
He hears your voice just fine, and yet
you feel you have to shout!
And all the time you're with Him, there is
someone else in mind
imprisoning you...embezzling you...
keeping your heart blind!

LET IT GO!!  Forgive that person!
Move on in Christ's peace!
He calls for you to come to Him,
ALL grudges to release!
YOU are the one that's suffering.
The others have moved on.
That situation, (in their eyes,)
may be completely gone!

Vindication--it may come
but not at YOUR expense!
Your health and happiness mean more
than ANY recompense!
Jesus has His hands wide open,
And savor His blest healing and
recovery this day!

O let it go.  The pain may be
affecting only you,
and Jesus has much more important
things for you to do!
HE will handle that which needs
to be accounted for!
Release it to Him EVEN NOW
so that He can restore!

Yes, it was painful.
No, it wasn't right.
But God has settled it in His Word: "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."
Let it go and savor the true freedom that is in Christ alone.

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