Sunday, October 30, 2016

His Sounds

In His house once again.
This one is quite different!  There is much traffic outside.  Too, there is a "rumble..."

That sound off in the distance-
so very far away;
moving slowly...getting closer
with even come display...
Does ever stop its motion?
Is there a destination?
Its labor never seems to end-
so be its occupation.

The sound be getting closer,
above the city stir.
Does anyone else notice,
or be it a constant blur?
The city is so vibrant,
so silent and so loud;
it is a single person...
it is a massive crowd!

That sound that was so distant
is not so anymore.
Now you can feel the rumble,
its motion be a roar!
And still, the city is alive-
sirens, horns and voices...
be it all just another way
that this life rejoices?

That sound is now beyond us,
on the move always...
it only seems to add life to
the worship and the praise...
God is in the city-
above and all around!
See Him!  Feel Him!  Taste Him, too,
and surely know His sound!

Every one of us have a sense of His Presence.  Those who live out in the country surely have a different sense of Him than those who live in the city!  As I found out last week, those in the city have a sense of His reality and it is quite different than what the writer is accustomed to...BUT GOD IS JUST AS REAL IN BOTH PLACES!
Let us be careful not to confine God to our own personal preferences.

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