Monday, October 17, 2016

Grand kids!

That wonderful song.  Again!
A day away from here for a few days.
Listening to endless, precious voices calling "Papa!  Papa!"
Communing with their parents as they do their best to fulfill their callings.
Vacation?  ABSOLUTELY!!
Even in a city that is foreign and far away, so many things remain familiar...while being beautifully new!
God is so good, and He provides escapes like this out of that goodness!
We are so blessed!

Annabelle and Theo,
you entertain us so!
You have blessed so many hearts             
much more than you can know!
You touch us even yet as we
reflect upon those days
that you allowed us in your lives
and shared with us your ways.

"Papa, let's play cars again..."
"You wanna go outside..."
"No papa, that's not how mom does it!"

So many are the wonders in
two little sets of eyes.
So little keeps us far away
my heart to realize!
The tugging on the heart that calls
for us to join them there...
Why must there be a struggle keeping
me, that time, to share?

Yes, that wonderful song that seems to resound when family gets together!
So blessed are those who get to enjoy that song whenever they want!
Why does there remain a struggle...

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