Thursday, October 20, 2016

A whole 'nuther world?

Inside the big city.  Seeing things here that are so foreign to my little corner of the world.  At every turn, I learn.

"Once more, affect my life, o Lord,
with what's affecting You.
I want to see my brother, Lord,
the same way that You do.
I want...I want...I want, it seems,
but what do YOU desire?
At seeing to MY comforts, Lord,
but do You ever tire?

What about the prostitute, Lord?
What about the thief?
What about that man that has
a different belief?
What of that "republican"
and that "democrat?"
You love them just like You love me--
o Jesus, teach me that!

My Lord and Savior, teach me to
see ALL the way You do:
to hate the SIN they may be in
but love them like You do!
You've shown me this so many times,
I've failed that many more.
Affect me that they may be drawn
to You--the Open Door!"

Realizing reality for so many.  Learning how sheltered, how selfish, how blind I can be to what some may consider "normal" life.
"God, forgive me."

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