Sunday, October 30, 2016

His Sounds

In His house once again.
This one is quite different!  There is much traffic outside.  Too, there is a "rumble..."

That sound off in the distance-
so very far away;
moving slowly...getting closer
with even come display...
Does ever stop its motion?
Is there a destination?
Its labor never seems to end-
so be its occupation.

The sound be getting closer,
above the city stir.
Does anyone else notice,
or be it a constant blur?
The city is so vibrant,
so silent and so loud;
it is a single person...
it is a massive crowd!

That sound that was so distant
is not so anymore.
Now you can feel the rumble,
its motion be a roar!
And still, the city is alive-
sirens, horns and voices...
be it all just another way
that this life rejoices?

That sound is now beyond us,
on the move always...
it only seems to add life to
the worship and the praise...
God is in the city-
above and all around!
See Him!  Feel Him!  Taste Him, too,
and surely know His sound!

Every one of us have a sense of His Presence.  Those who live out in the country surely have a different sense of Him than those who live in the city!  As I found out last week, those in the city have a sense of His reality and it is quite different than what the writer is accustomed to...BUT GOD IS JUST AS REAL IN BOTH PLACES!
Let us be careful not to confine God to our own personal preferences.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Thankful for peace!

So much going on.
So many different issues happening in so many different places.

O thank You for the peace that is

on quiet afternoon.
The issues of the day are past-
for now, we are immune.
He has made this sweet escape
because He knows us well,
and many the assaults and lies
straight from the pit of hell!
O but more is the serenity
and peace here in this place!
He knows the world's ways so He
provides a living grace!
Vestiges of it abound
in such a busy life--
peace that passes all to counter
every stress and strife!

"O Lord, Your peace--it is above

the 'self' of every man.
You know the heart, Lord, and its contents;
That every man would have this peace
at every time of day!
It's not dependent on this place,
it's only, Lord, Your way!"

O stay the course. 
I promise that there is peace awaiting when you need it most.
He knows you that well.
Do all you can for as long as you can.  God will do the rest AND provide you with rest!

Thursday, October 27, 2016


In your mind, you feel like it is your vindication.  It is your punishment for the one that wronged you.  In reality, it is a dungeon.  YOUR dungeon.
That other person or persons could probably care less if you forgave them!  (They may not even know that it was done!)  They may have long-forgotten whatever the incident was.  Meanwhile, YOU continue to suffer in that dungeon...

How long to know the pain of what
so long ago occurred?
How long to hold accountable
without a single word?
How many times to line them up
in a firing squad?
Even while there, in that pew
singing and praising God?

He hears our prayers, but the answers
never come about...
He hears your voice just fine, and yet
you feel you have to shout!
And all the time you're with Him, there is
someone else in mind
imprisoning you...embezzling you...
keeping your heart blind!

LET IT GO!!  Forgive that person!
Move on in Christ's peace!
He calls for you to come to Him,
ALL grudges to release!
YOU are the one that's suffering.
The others have moved on.
That situation, (in their eyes,)
may be completely gone!

Vindication--it may come
but not at YOUR expense!
Your health and happiness mean more
than ANY recompense!
Jesus has His hands wide open,
And savor His blest healing and
recovery this day!

O let it go.  The pain may be
affecting only you,
and Jesus has much more important
things for you to do!
HE will handle that which needs
to be accounted for!
Release it to Him EVEN NOW
so that He can restore!

Yes, it was painful.
No, it wasn't right.
But God has settled it in His Word: "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."
Let it go and savor the true freedom that is in Christ alone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This Place

Wandering the lonely streets.  Does anyone care?
Seemingly drifting along as the hours pass...until I am drawn toward a beautiful building.  I am compelled to enter in...

I have come into this place

to find some answers here.
I will not be distracted;
I will sternly persevere!
So many others join me here;
so various the "Whys?"
but nothing will deter me, as
I'm drawn in by His eyes!

Drawn so into this place as He
keeps calling out my name.
What use has He of me as I
have so much guilt and shame?!
He knows about my present...
He knows about my past...
yet His arms are open and
His love for me is vast!
I enter in this place in spite
of o so many eyes.
Walking past the stares and whispers,
Grace I realize.
I will let nothing rob me of
that mercy, love and grace
that exudes from Jesus as
I look into His face!

O run into that place
where you are drawn by grace!
Let NOTHING interfere,
especially shame and fear!

I know that you know what I'm talking about.  I know that there has been something, some time in your life that you felt like you had to escape.

I pray that you find the same Refuge I did!

Monday, October 24, 2016


In the big city.  Vacation. 
Mommy & daddy just left for work...time for granny & poppa's continued education!
As I watch them go, Holy Spirit speaks...

Cold still in the city-
off they go to work;
much responsibility
would some attempt to shirk;
but there is one, however,
he just went out the door;
he is quite secure in what
he was created for.
He has responsibilities
at home and in That Place.
He must prepare for to receive
and to dispense That Grace.
So very many come to him
for what the Lord provides;
so very many see him and,
in him, the heart confides.

Morning in the city-
a purpose have we each.
In ALL we do, there is a calling
to listen and to reach.
It's not alone assigned to him
in God's House to abide,
it is for ALL who have the Lord
in their hearts to reside.

Just because my son has an office in God's House does not mean he is the only minister around.  Every one of us has a calling on our lives if we claim Jesus as our Savior!  And those who are seeking?  They are EVERYWHERE!  They are reaching out.  They are crying out.  They are right next to us in every direction. 
Are you available for Jesus to utilize!

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Do you ever stop right where you are, look around and realize just how WEALTHY you really are?  I mean, if you are reading this, you have at least a computer and electricity!  PRAISE GOD!  And thank Him for that...

"Because You are so good to us,
Lord, there is not another!
Because You love us, Father, we
can each love one another!
Because You give us everything
that we could ever need,
we can give out of our hearts
according to Your lead!
And Your leading, it is faithful,
daily as we go.
Your constant guidance in this life
desire we to know!
Your wisdom and direction, it
is necessary so
if, Your Presence in our lives,
may others come to know!

Because You are so good to us,
because we respond,
we can reach our neighbor, Lord,
and oh so far beyond!
Oh make us ever cognizant
of You here in this place
so that more men may come to know
Your mercy, love and grace!"

Stop what you are doing.  See that realization as truth and thank God for it!  Help those around you realize such truth, for they may be focused on something that is overwhelming.  YOU are the one who can get them to THE ONE Who can see them through!
Give, you wealthy person!

Starting the day

Early yet again this day.
I turn the news off to avoid listening to the same old stories...
Instead, I start the day by walking out on the deck and beholding life:

How many are the trees
now playing with the breeze
'neath clouds that disappear
as caressing rays come near?

The salt-and-pepper sky,
so easy on the eye,
now vying with the blue--
the winner be the hue!

God--the great Creator
makes each day to be greater
by making all things new
and blessing us with view!

All the while, the trees
keep playing with the breeze...
oh, that WE could join that Song
and each man get along!
Creation stays alive,
(and would it even thrive!)
by fully trusting God.
Then why would such be odd?

Sometimes, we get into a rut.  (Sometimes?)
I used to get up every morning, fix my coffee, then turn the morning news on.  It took me a long time to realize that there is just not very much GOOD news on those shows!  Yes, I keep up with current events and what is going on in the world....but it doesn't have to be the first thing I hear in the morning!
There is much more to life than that.

Friday, October 21, 2016


What is that noise?  What is that rumble?  Should I have a peace about this...

There is a tumult yonder...
there is a mighty wind...
It is a sound of Holy Spirit
on us to descend!
O do not fear the ruckus
that's coming from above!
Embrace it and accept it,
receive it with all love!

There is a noise out yonder--
wait for it to arrive?
Or run toward it?  Seek it out?
Hear it in the distance...
feel it in the air...
know that it is God Most High
approaching for to share!

The tumult that is stirring--
not anything the same!
It is the Holy Spirit,
and it is why He came:
to stir us up, to trouble us,
to make us come alive!
There is a tumult certain
to, very soon, arrive!

Get out of your comfort zone!  God Himself will break out of any "ritual" that you attempt to confine Him to!  There is so much He has for you; so much He has for us to do!  A lot of it will NOT be comfortable.
Can you handle that?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A whole 'nuther world?

Inside the big city.  Seeing things here that are so foreign to my little corner of the world.  At every turn, I learn.

"Once more, affect my life, o Lord,
with what's affecting You.
I want to see my brother, Lord,
the same way that You do.
I want...I want...I want, it seems,
but what do YOU desire?
At seeing to MY comforts, Lord,
but do You ever tire?

What about the prostitute, Lord?
What about the thief?
What about that man that has
a different belief?
What of that "republican"
and that "democrat?"
You love them just like You love me--
o Jesus, teach me that!

My Lord and Savior, teach me to
see ALL the way You do:
to hate the SIN they may be in
but love them like You do!
You've shown me this so many times,
I've failed that many more.
Affect me that they may be drawn
to You--the Open Door!"

Realizing reality for so many.  Learning how sheltered, how selfish, how blind I can be to what some may consider "normal" life.
"God, forgive me."

Monday, October 17, 2016

Grand kids!

That wonderful song.  Again!
A day away from here for a few days.
Listening to endless, precious voices calling "Papa!  Papa!"
Communing with their parents as they do their best to fulfill their callings.
Vacation?  ABSOLUTELY!!
Even in a city that is foreign and far away, so many things remain familiar...while being beautifully new!
God is so good, and He provides escapes like this out of that goodness!
We are so blessed!

Annabelle and Theo,
you entertain us so!
You have blessed so many hearts             
much more than you can know!
You touch us even yet as we
reflect upon those days
that you allowed us in your lives
and shared with us your ways.

"Papa, let's play cars again..."
"You wanna go outside..."
"No papa, that's not how mom does it!"

So many are the wonders in
two little sets of eyes.
So little keeps us far away
my heart to realize!
The tugging on the heart that calls
for us to join them there...
Why must there be a struggle keeping
me, that time, to share?

Yes, that wonderful song that seems to resound when family gets together!
So blessed are those who get to enjoy that song whenever they want!
Why does there remain a struggle...

Friday, October 7, 2016


There are so many people in this place!  How will my voice even be recognized?!

"In a place, Lord, with so many,

(and much more each day!)
so varied are the reasons that
we each have come this way.
Just as varied be the people,
but You know them each;
You know each detail of them and
You know just how to reach.
You know the details of me, also;
God, I'm not unknown!
As busy as You are, You take us--
so much we are shown!
You take us by the hand, as well,
when we just cannot see,
but we KNOW that You are with us--
safe, Lord, we will be!

So many strangers in a place--
we do not have to be!
For we are more alike than not,
no matter what we see!
For you have made each one of us;
o help us get along!
So many are the notes, oh God,
but it is yet ONE song!"

Are you singing yet?  You can!  Most of you are without even knowing it!  Find someone that has lost their song and help them find it today.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sweet security

God knows it all...but He still wants to hear from you!
He is fully aware of your needs and desires.  But He still wants to converse with you about...just talk to you!  Even if it's just describing to Him the beauty of your surroundings!  He DESIRES to be with you and converse with you.

"Already are we fully known

unto You and Your heart.
Already, Lord, are You complete,
but You give us a part!
Already are You perfect and
have need of not a thing,
but You engraft us unto Yourself-
closer do You bring!

You have our moments numbered,
You have our living planned,
but without You inside of this life,
Lord, we cannot stand!
Your generosity is such
as not another source;
we praise You, Father, with thanksgiving
constantly, of course!

Oh, the blessed security
in being known by You.
For You have made us to belong
as only You can do!
Great and mighty are You, Father,
there is none like You!
We are so very fortunate
that You make us anew!"

Yes, that sweet security of belonging.  Belonging to THE CREATOR! 

Do you have that security?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Perfect Place

So far beyond any adjectives the poet possesses! 
A place so very beautiful-
though never I have seen;
He blesses us with glimpses there
so perfect and serene.

A place so very wonderful
beyond all pain and strife;
beyond all any suffering
we'll spend eternal life!

A place so very glorious-
the very Presence of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
and Father God of love!

Heaven--o so far beyond
the trove of words availed.
So very high above the peaks
that man has ever scaled!
Much deeper than the love we know
in this decaying place.
O Heaven, perfect Paradise
provided by God's grace!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!  No matter how beautiful Heaven is, the most glorious and desirable part of it is being in Your physical Presence! 
Lord, we long for Your return!"


There are occasions in this life that make us wonder if God is really in complete control.   Of course, we know in our hearts that He is, but there are those moments that attempt to make us doubt...

The view from here!  Incredible!!
O how can I explain?
I thought that I was in the valley
due the wretched pain;
but I cannot recall that here
as I look around...
a respite from the ritual
but surely I have found!

But Where am I that I should know
this glory and this grace?
I do not want to exit from
the peace here in this place!
I do not want to wake to find
that this is but a dream!
I do not want to learn that this
is just a phony scheme!

I look below...I look above...
I look then all around...
It all looks so far away,
and faint is every sound;
then I feel His mighty hand
tap gently on my feet
and know the shoulders of my God
are holding me complete!!

Suddenly, I understand
the reason there is peace:
though life itself continues on,
the stress may I release;
Someone greater than myself
will shoulder such a load,
I only must continue forth
regardless of the road.

So wonderful, such a blessing are the assurances that come our way as we belong to God!  So wonderful it is to even belong to Him!!  God, Almighty God, wants us to be His children!!
How fortunate are those who accept His offer!