Tuesday, September 6, 2016

To weather the weather

Early evening again.
The skies of late have been so beautiful!!  The writer has been admiring the glory in the evening skies, as it has been like nothing seen before!
Tonight, however, the newscaster attributes the beauty of the sunsets to the hurricanes that are happening elsewhere.
Why does so much beauty come with such a painful price?

Once again, the colors cry out
all across the sky!
In the silent symphony
so entertained am I!
The glory and the majesty
that are with day to fade
inspire words and verses for
the pen to have displayed!

The many colors and the contrasts,
with each breath, to fade...
All glory to Almighty God Who,
each of them, has made!
Behold them and converse with Him
about the days that are;
pray for them that are affected,
near and o so far!

How unfair is the balance of
the world in which we live?
It seems that for each every 'take'
there is an equal 'give.'
Enjoy the glory of it all
while praying for the others.
For we must know that, in this life,
each of us are brothers.

Please join me in praying for those who are yet going through adversity--the adversity that nature can cause.  None of us has control over it, but we can humbly bow before The One Who does!

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