Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This morning's word

God is so incredible!
I only know a few things about today.  God, however, knows EVERYTHING about it!  He even gives me a few hints in our morning fellowship...

As rays come peeking through
I think of what to do...
half-way though the list
I look across the mist
and realize the Lord,
He's waiting by the board;
so we have coffee there
and He helps me prepare.

Another early day.
I vie for words to say,
but He says to me "Peace.
This day, to Me, release.
Don't even fret for word.
I know what is occurred.
But only take my hand.
I'll help you understand.

Agendas I can tell;
your schedule as well.
I never will be far
from what and where you are!
Just trust me yet once more

as you go out that door.
Your labors I will bless
and cause you great success."

Now beams instead of rays.

I give to Him my praise.
I thank Him for this day
as I go on the way.

His reality once again.
Yes, He is so real that He speaks to my spirit this morning and constantly through my day!  His Presence is invaluable!  His direction is priceless!  And I KNOW that success will happen as I follow His lead!

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