Saturday, September 10, 2016

The view from here

The glory of God's creation.
The healing of God's creation!
It's everywhere.  Anywhere you cast your eyes, you can behold evidence of God.  HE MADE IT ALL!
Don't let anything prevent you from seeing Him as you look around!

From a rest stop high atop a knoll,
the beauty of creation is in whole!
God alone to know how many trees
whose scent is carried in the softest breeze.
Between the peaks, amidst the evergreens,
countless are the awe-inspiring scenes!
And God receives the glory.  God alone!
The song of living rises to the Throne!

That song of living is for us, as well!
The praises of our voices, to Him, swell!
He alone is worthy of that praise,
as He alone is Maker of our days!
Sing that song unto Him, one and all!
Answer to that innermost of call
crying out to give praise to His Name-
Jesus--now and evermore the same!

What a wonderful song!  What a wonderful sight!  What a wonderful Creator to share Himself and His handiwork with us!

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