Thursday, September 15, 2016

The issues

Again, the issues are in our faces.  One of the blessings of living in a free country.
I hear so many say that they will be glad when this election is over so these issues will go away.
These issues will not go away until we are in a perfect place.  HEAVEN.
We do, however, have Someone with something that will endure through this election season and every other day!  His Name is Jesus.  And, in Him, is perfect peace!
We must do what we must do until that Day, but deep within something is certainly settled:

There is peace that's perfect
here in a world that's not.
Only One has got this peace,
and always has a lot!
There is no limit to His peace,
(just like His perfect love!)
That Peace belongs to Jesus Christ-
His kin may you be of!

This earthly life will not improve-
for He knows what's ahead.
We must be here until that day,
but, by Him, we are led!
We may go through some painful things,
but we won't be alone!
He will be there, within, without,
with peace that's clearly known!

Yes, there is a peace that's perfect-
it's only from One place.
It is availed without limit
due amazing grace!
Are you without such peace today?
Just call out Jesus' Name!
All the wonders of His love
may you then freely claim!

Jesus Christ.  Prince of peace.  Distributor of perfect peace.  Each of us need Him within more than ever in the days that are!

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