Friday, September 2, 2016

That Beautiful Song

Clouds are slowly moving in.
The sun went down just awhile ago, but it is still illuminating the clouds!
So beautiful again!

Evening, and I will sing
a song unto my God!
The many trees that catch the breeze
reach to Him and applaud!
The birds, those with and without words,
they celebrate in flight;
I will not wait, but celebrate
unto Him with delight!

So many things today,
but all to lead one way:
unto my God and King!
O join me as I sing!

No matter how your day went, I invite you to join in that song that cannot be silenced: the song of praise from life unto God.
The song from His people...
the song from creation...
the song resounding through the heavens...
It is a song that is not based upon circumstance!  It is a song declaring that He is God and He is worthy!  Nothing can change that!

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