Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Still hangin' on

The middle of September.
We had to use the heater one night last week.  This week, however, it is back into the 90's!
Still hangin' on, too, are the hummingbirds.  They are usually gone by now!  So joyfully entertaining are these wonderful creations!

The battle for the feeders-
it is a constant thing!
Listen to them argue...
listen to them sing!
Delightful are the antics as
they dart about the yard!
The prize would seem to be the nectar
after they have sparred!

So thankful for these little creatures
God has sent my way!
They always seem to ease the pain
developed in the day.
Never shall I take for granted
any of His gifts-
especially one that always seems
to give the day a lift!

God is so very good to us.  He finds ways to entertain us with simplicity...IF we pay attention.
What do you need today?

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