Sunday, September 4, 2016


September.  Beautiful!
Though I desire and attempt to write of the glory of HIS creation, I am VERY ignorant!
I could follow Holy Spirit and pen the glory and majesty of that which I am staring at, but what good would that be to someone in the middle of Africa?
However, being Who He is, I am certain that those who have never witnessed beauty like we see here have beautiful sights of their own area to which they can relate.
That's the kind of God that I know and serve.

The Ozarks turning color in the evening.

Now and then, a leaf or two will fall.
Still, there is more life upon the branches
than in the quilt that will be known as "Fall."
However, in the colors that are turning,
mightily so moves the hand of God!
Upon the rolling hills and in the valleys
soon those leaves be blanketing the sod.

O how to count the colors of the hillside?

God and I attempt the very task!
He's already certain of the answer.
(I think I entertain Him as I ask!)
The sum, however, to be left to scholars,
I will but enjoy the awesome views
of the last of summer in the treetops-
its life, its many contrasts, and its hues!

Get out there this afternoon.  Find a place with a view and just look around.  Ask God to be at your side and talk about it with Him.  He'd love to know that you noticed.  He'd love even more to hear from you about it!


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