Sunday, September 25, 2016

Practically amazing!

So many people have put limitations and restrictions on God.  Why?
Some have told me lately that one can only find TRUE relationship with God IN A CHURCH BUILDING, and only on SUNDAY MORNING.
I am praying for them.

In the power of His very Presence-

it is at any time for all to share...
in the glory of His grand creation-
we do not even have to go somewhere!
To see Him in His fullness and His wonder
all we have to do is call His Name!
God--the One and only Great Creator,
His presence is RIGHT HERE for us to claim!

In the wonder of His very Presence-
sometimes, it is escape from this old life;
but more, it is so constant a location
where is all-- from ecstasy to strife.
Though God Himself, He is THE greatest wonder,
He is so very practical as well!
As you live through all that you are living,
He is right there to listen as you tell.

God is greater than anything or anyone that we can imagine.  But He is not immune from hearts.  God is higher and holier than we could ever attain, yet He responds when we call on Him.  He's right there!
Don't ever take Him or His Presence for granted.  Give Him proper honor in all of your living.  He gave His very Son so that we may have an open relationship with Him.  Always.
If that isn't love...

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