Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pages of His voice

Listening again.
Hearing voices as I turn pages. 
The Word of God is so alive!

"O Word alive, so vocal,
we're grateful so for You!
Your wisdom and Your insight touches
every day anew!
Each situation in this life
that we are going to face
You address in words alive
and with abundant grace!

Word alive, so silent,
yet so present in our days,
You make us to be stable 'midst
this world's many ways.
For there is One Way: JESUS!
He pertains to one and all;
and He is that guiding force
to them that boldly call.

O Word alive, and so alive,
we need You every day!
We part the pages and receive
our living hope and stay!
Jesus Christ--the Word made flesh
and Logos to possess--
we trust in You implicitly
to guide us and to bless!"

Which voices are you listening to?
There is One that will NEVER steer you wrong, but it takes effort to focus on Him and drown out the others.  The voice of God will speak to You as you read His Word.
Stop taking the Bible for granted.

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