Saturday, September 3, 2016

Never alone!!

Alone again?  NEVER!
My kids may be in other states...
my wife may be in another room...
my parents may be gone from this life now...
but I am NEVER alone!

As long as Jesus is alive,
(and He will ever be!)
I do not have to be 'alone,'
the way that people see.
He loves me.  We have relationship
that cannot be suppressed!
He is for always at my side,
I am so very blessed!

I always may communicate

with Jesus, Lord to me.
He even hears my heart when not
a word comes out of me!
He knows what I am doing long
before I get it done!
I thank Him for His help and He says
"That's alright, My son."

How wonderful it is to never

be alone at all!
How very fortunate am I
for answering His Call!
How priceless is the knowledge He
is with me at all times!
Even when I've pen-in-hand
seeking after rhymes!

There are certainly times in this life when we "feel" alone.  However, we are not!  And it is especially at those times when we should call out His Name because He will say or do something to prove Himself there!


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