Wednesday, September 7, 2016


A bunch of words...
35 years of marriage...
Thousands of pages of poems...
Hot Wheels...
What will my legacy be?  What will your legacy be?

What are the things that will be said
when we no longer are?
Did I touch anybody's life?
Did you touch lives afar?
Will anyone reflect upon
the deeds of you or I?
What am I doing in this life
that will identify?

But greater, what are each of us
doing to affect living
in a way that draws folks to
The God Who keeps on giving?
What we do says more than words,
and deeds do more than letters
when it comes to reaching out
and breaking through the fetters.

Words--they are important and

we need them so to learn.
But lest we do much more than 'talk,'
our witness they will spurn!
Be Jesus Christ in all you do
and not just what you say,
that there be more to join that crowd
that He takes on That Day!


What will your legacy be?
It is my prayer that your legacy, (and mine!) will be something that will stand forever!  May our lives be a witness and reach people and places that we cannot even imagine.  Give it ALL to Jesus!

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