Tuesday, September 20, 2016


A flower bloomed today.
I noticed on my way.
I had no time to stop;

the task I couldn't drop.
I hope it's there tonight.
For then, I'll take delight
in its perfume and grace!
(If I can find that place.)

A man reached out today
as I was on my way.
I waved when I was there
to let him know I care.
Continuing my way,
I vowed to stop and pray
if he's there later on.
(Such opportune now gone.)

It was a busy trip today.  I was successful at doing what I set out to do.  So many opportunities, however, to reach out and to notice.  Now the trip is known as a 'guilt trip.'  It is my own fault for missing the opportunities, the divine appointments that God had arranged especially for me.
I hope your day was more prosperous.

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