Friday, September 9, 2016

Just a moment

Streaks across the late afternoon sky...
sunset reflecting off of the range afar...
surface of the lake be calm...
somehow, the day seems to have stopped for a moment?
"Please Lord, somehow, stop all of our problems for a moment so that we can catch our breath."

Noticing the moment and
the calm that it contains.
For awhile, there be no problems,
issues or no pains!
O that every man alive
could have a moment such!
How much closer could we get?
Close enough to touch?

But 'moving at the speed of life'
does not make time for that!
We must be 'full-speed' it seems
at the drop of a hat!!!
We must be?  Or have we just
made our lives that way?
All the while, God's whispering
"I have a better way!

So, take the time, note the moment
and the peace within.
Think of Jesus, knowing that
we ultimately win!
He will see that you catch up
if you will take the time-
just a moment in the day,
into His arms to climb!

The glory of His creation.
You cannot see it?  You will if you will take a moment and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.
Go for it!

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