Sunday, September 11, 2016

His Best

In His glory. 
The wonder and the awe of it!  Always?
Sometimes, His glory can be something we least expect.

Once again, His glory is
to stable and to keep.
Though what the world offers may
be beautiful, it's cheap!
That which comes from high above
a spectacle may not be,
but it's exactly what is needed
to bring victory!

Once again, His glory--
sometimes it's 'practical.'
He knows what He is doing and
His gifts are tactical!
You may not know what it be for,
but He has got a plan,
and it WILL bring about His will
like not another can!

His glory--it is greater far
than we can understand.
Sometimes, the pain and suffering
is something He has planned.
He knows exactly what He's doing-
we, we MUST submit
if we're to know the purpose and
the victory of it!

Stay in tune with God.  He knows what is best for you.  He has what is best for you.  And, if you trust Him implicitly, that "best" will always cause you to matter how painful it might be.


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