Monday, September 5, 2016


Early evening.
Time to go be with the Lord and listen to what He tells me.
Oh, Facebook.  I'll only be on here for a few minutes, then I'll give God the time.
8:30?!  What happened?!

So many are the issues that
would steal my time away...
so many the excuses that
I make when time to pray!
So many...yet again has come
a truth so loud and clear!
Yet, even as I call His Name,
my Father meets me here.

"Oh Lord, You are so merciful,

so generous, so kind.
Please forgive me, Lord, for letting
"Us" be undermined!
So simple is it for this man
to be seduced away;
for I must focus all the more
to, in Your presence, stay!"

How wonderful are these devices
with which we are blessed!
I must be very diligent
lest I be in a mess!
The tapping of the keys may steal
but hours from my day-
hours that could be spent better
if I were to pray.

Pray for me, please.   I know no one else has a problem like this. 
I need to spend more time IN His Presence and less time seeking presents.
Thank God for mercy.

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