Thursday, September 29, 2016

Enjoyable Peace

Life goes on...
The world goes on...
Is that world a peaceful place to be?  Not always.  But there is a way to know peace that doesn't depend on what is happening around you...

Guilty of enjoying peace
while foreign is the same.
The turmoil is so prevalent
that peace remains our claim!
Even in the days so hectic,
busy and unsure,
there is a Peace that passes all
to cause us to endure!

"Jesus, we enjoy Your peace

here in the final days.
Your Word--it daily comes to pass,
but we have cause to praise!
We pray about the days that are
and look for those ahead;
we pray about the folks that are
that, to You, they be led!"

Enjoying Peace throughout the day--
may ALL MEN understand!
A peace the world cannot give--
it's only from God's hand!
Know Him, that You may come to know
that peace that passes all;
no matter then the circumstance,
you'll have the wherewithal!

Know Jesus!  Know that perfect peace!  There is only One.
The world is going to continue on doing what it is doing and going the way that it is going.  The only way to have hope and peace is to possess Something that is not of this world.
His Name is Jesus.

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