Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The silence roars.
In the sound of nothing, so many things are heard.
I seek silence, but when I find it the voices get louder.
Will it stop if I run faster?
Yet, as I run, someone is not only keeping pace with me, He assures me He is already where I am going and waiting for me.
Should I slow down then?
If I seek words will silence occur?
All the while, He says one word to me, "REST."

There is now so much happening;

How can I run away?
Wherever I go, things happen there-
it's just like ricochet!
I do not want to be exposed.
I don't want to get hurt.
The effort that "familiar" takes
I don't want to exert!
Why can't I just be myself?
Why must this man impress?
Who says I must?  There's only ONE
that I must seek to bless!
He already approves of this man
right now and always;
I do not have to run from Him
in ANY of my days!

Caught up again in trying to please

what cannot be pleased.
Already am I satisfied;
the enemy has teased!
I know who I am in The Lord,
I must but get a grip,
lest into that oppressive pit
so gradually I slip!


That beautiful word of reassurance comes so timely from His lips.  Even His elect can so easily get caught up and into a place where satisfaction can NEVER be found.
Don't let that happen to you.
Rest.  And don't be afraid of the silence.

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