Thursday, September 22, 2016

Divine meaning

Life goes on...
Same place...same in and day out.
Is there really a point?

So busy and so crowded...

a list that must be done...
for some, it is a labor,
for others, it is fun!
Life is at the speed of life
for yet another day;
we do not have to worry, though,
because we know The Way.

Of a truth is stress existing
in this busy place;
but you and I endure it due
to His abundant grace!
Already does He know this day
and everything to be,
we only must endure, enjoy,
because of victory!
So no matter just how busy
or crowded life will get,
our steps--He has them ordered,
and He WILL NOT forget!
We must yet be obedient,
forward to press on
until the days of this "old" life,
they are completely gone!

Each day that we go through,
but look for something new:
the gifts throughout the day
He places on the way.

Of course there is a point.  Many points!  You have a distinct purpose in this life with divine meaning!  Don't turn your back on this life, no matter how busied it seems to get.  God knows exactly where you are and what He is doing. 

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