Friday, September 16, 2016


In a season when many are making promises, it is so wonderful to have promises that WE KNOW WILL COME TRUE!

Even so, come quickly, Lord!'
the cry of many a heart!
We've done our best...we do our best...
we long yet to depart!
We know that You've prepared a Place;
we know that You'll return!
How much longer of this life
'til that for which we yearn?"

Celebrating all the day

upon the streets of gold...
walking with Him, hand-in-hand,
like we've always been told...
reuniting with the ones
gone on that we so miss...
We keep our hands upon the plow,
while pondering that bliss!
Yes, all the while, serving Christ-
the One Who meets us there!
Him Who knows about us each,
He'll mete each one their share!
No matter what that treasure is, though,
Walking on those streets of gold
beyond that silver shim!

He's coming soon.  HE'S COMING SOON!

Don't ever let this life or the things or situations of it distract or discourage you from that promise!  You belong to Him and He WILL return for all that is His!

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