Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beautiful sight

Day is almost done.  Work for the day is certainly done! 
As I relax...

Sunlight is across the trees-
the day is afternoon;
success was surely known today,
now sunset will be soon.
In the moving here and there
as life's winding down
there is a sight to catch my eye
as I look toward town.
Just over there, a flag is waving
in the gentle breeze.
The sight of it--it is enough
emotions for to seize!
It is the red, the white, the blue-
Old Glory waving free!
I give a word of thanks to God
for causing me to see!

Sunset in a land of freedom.
The way I feel about it, Lord,
is hard to be expressed.
You give to us such liberty
as we serve only You.
O please restore, protect and bless
the Red, the White, the Blue!"

Time stands still as I watch that flag waving.
Tears well up as I ponder all that it means.
Praise ascends as I know that God is so real here in this wonderful America.

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