Thursday, September 1, 2016

About tomorrow

So beautiful...All while 'life' goes on?  Yes!  When you have the security of JESUS!

"You have our moments numbered,
and You contain our days.
We trust in Your direction as
we ask, Lord, of Your ways.
You never turn Your back on us, Lord,
when we look to You;
whatever these days may contain-
it all is known to You!
So great is the security
that loving You contains!
That does not mean we are without
this world's aches and pains!
It means that You are there with us
so we are not alone!
It means that You're embracing every
grimace and each groan!
So wonderful it is, oh Lord,
to know that we belong!
So glorious it is to have,
so deep inside, Your song!
We sing it without apprehension
in the days that are!
We pray it for the ones who need You
nearby and afar!"

I do not what to do about tomorrow.  I DO know, however, that when tomorrow gets here, God will tell me what to do about it.  I will not be without. 
You can have the same!
Just ask Him for it.

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