Sunday, September 11, 2016


So many are the memories
emotions to induce...
How many the results of them
much good for to produce?
So very painful the events
to bring about such change-
necessary changes, all of life
to rearrange!

How long to harbor hatred?
The very same "of whom?"
Every time we think of it
that hatred we exhume?
When to learn from past disaster
and then "move along?"
For clinging to such bitterness
is dangerous and wrong.

Praying for the enemies--
(as painful as it be,)
it is the greatest way to move on,
on to victory!
And all that each of us has lost
due that horrific crime,
God has promised to replace
if we but trust His time.

So many many much anger still churning in the hearts of so many.  I lost loved ones on that day.  You lost loved ones on that day.  Life lost loved ones on that day. 
A greater loss be life itself if a heart be unforgiving.

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