Thursday, September 29, 2016

Enjoyable Peace

Life goes on...
The world goes on...
Is that world a peaceful place to be?  Not always.  But there is a way to know peace that doesn't depend on what is happening around you...

Guilty of enjoying peace
while foreign is the same.
The turmoil is so prevalent
that peace remains our claim!
Even in the days so hectic,
busy and unsure,
there is a Peace that passes all
to cause us to endure!

"Jesus, we enjoy Your peace

here in the final days.
Your Word--it daily comes to pass,
but we have cause to praise!
We pray about the days that are
and look for those ahead;
we pray about the folks that are
that, to You, they be led!"

Enjoying Peace throughout the day--
may ALL MEN understand!
A peace the world cannot give--
it's only from God's hand!
Know Him, that You may come to know
that peace that passes all;
no matter then the circumstance,
you'll have the wherewithal!

Know Jesus!  Know that perfect peace!  There is only One.
The world is going to continue on doing what it is doing and going the way that it is going.  The only way to have hope and peace is to possess Something that is not of this world.
His Name is Jesus.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pages of His voice

Listening again.
Hearing voices as I turn pages. 
The Word of God is so alive!

"O Word alive, so vocal,
we're grateful so for You!
Your wisdom and Your insight touches
every day anew!
Each situation in this life
that we are going to face
You address in words alive
and with abundant grace!

Word alive, so silent,
yet so present in our days,
You make us to be stable 'midst
this world's many ways.
For there is One Way: JESUS!
He pertains to one and all;
and He is that guiding force
to them that boldly call.

O Word alive, and so alive,
we need You every day!
We part the pages and receive
our living hope and stay!
Jesus Christ--the Word made flesh
and Logos to possess--
we trust in You implicitly
to guide us and to bless!"

Which voices are you listening to?
There is One that will NEVER steer you wrong, but it takes effort to focus on Him and drown out the others.  The voice of God will speak to You as you read His Word.
Stop taking the Bible for granted.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall communication

Knowing God means being able to see, hear or feel something and know whether it is from Him or not.
How beautiful are those moments when no discernment is necessary!

Upon the rolling hills

the trees provide the thrills!
In colors yet so living
so many blessings giving!
I watch with great intent
the foliage--almost spent,
while talking to my God-
the One Who keeps life awed!

Autumn everywhere!

So many sights to share.
Be still and know Him sure,
for His grace will endure.

The grace of God.
The generosity of God to fellowship with us at any time at all! 
Take time today to notice His touch upon the land and speak to Him.  He wants to hear from you.  He also wants you to listen as He speaks back to you.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Practically amazing!

So many people have put limitations and restrictions on God.  Why?
Some have told me lately that one can only find TRUE relationship with God IN A CHURCH BUILDING, and only on SUNDAY MORNING.
I am praying for them.

In the power of His very Presence-

it is at any time for all to share...
in the glory of His grand creation-
we do not even have to go somewhere!
To see Him in His fullness and His wonder
all we have to do is call His Name!
God--the One and only Great Creator,
His presence is RIGHT HERE for us to claim!

In the wonder of His very Presence-
sometimes, it is escape from this old life;
but more, it is so constant a location
where is all-- from ecstasy to strife.
Though God Himself, He is THE greatest wonder,
He is so very practical as well!
As you live through all that you are living,
He is right there to listen as you tell.

God is greater than anything or anyone that we can imagine.  But He is not immune from hearts.  God is higher and holier than we could ever attain, yet He responds when we call on Him.  He's right there!
Don't ever take Him or His Presence for granted.  Give Him proper honor in all of your living.  He gave His very Son so that we may have an open relationship with Him.  Always.
If that isn't love...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beautiful sight

Day is almost done.  Work for the day is certainly done! 
As I relax...

Sunlight is across the trees-
the day is afternoon;
success was surely known today,
now sunset will be soon.
In the moving here and there
as life's winding down
there is a sight to catch my eye
as I look toward town.
Just over there, a flag is waving
in the gentle breeze.
The sight of it--it is enough
emotions for to seize!
It is the red, the white, the blue-
Old Glory waving free!
I give a word of thanks to God
for causing me to see!

Sunset in a land of freedom.
The way I feel about it, Lord,
is hard to be expressed.
You give to us such liberty
as we serve only You.
O please restore, protect and bless
the Red, the White, the Blue!"

Time stands still as I watch that flag waving.
Tears well up as I ponder all that it means.
Praise ascends as I know that God is so real here in this wonderful America.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Relax again!

The end of another day.
Am I the only one that notices that the closer we get to the end, the busier the days get?  Sure, His calling certainly increases, but could there be something else trying to distract us? 

A very hectic world...
is there any hope?
Life--it seems to pick up speed--
how can one even cope?
If one but MAKES the time, though,
there is a getaway
availed to the ones who make
the Lord their hope and stay!

The speed of life once more.
It meets you at the door
and follows on your back-
DO NOT let it attack!

So hectic be the day.
But God, He is The Way!
And He will guard your life
through ecstasy AND strife!
Don't let this life avail.
Press on and do not fail
to call upon The Lord-
His victories afford!

His victories afford.
His victories are waiting just ahead of you.  In that moment when you slow down, look around and be refreshed by His Presence, His creation and His perfect peace.  Jesus will even afford that to you before you have a chance to slow down.  All you have to do is ask.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Divine meaning

Life goes on...
Same place...same in and day out.
Is there really a point?

So busy and so crowded...

a list that must be done...
for some, it is a labor,
for others, it is fun!
Life is at the speed of life
for yet another day;
we do not have to worry, though,
because we know The Way.

Of a truth is stress existing
in this busy place;
but you and I endure it due
to His abundant grace!
Already does He know this day
and everything to be,
we only must endure, enjoy,
because of victory!
So no matter just how busy
or crowded life will get,
our steps--He has them ordered,
and He WILL NOT forget!
We must yet be obedient,
forward to press on
until the days of this "old" life,
they are completely gone!

Each day that we go through,
but look for something new:
the gifts throughout the day
He places on the way.

Of course there is a point.  Many points!  You have a distinct purpose in this life with divine meaning!  Don't turn your back on this life, no matter how busied it seems to get.  God knows exactly where you are and what He is doing. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This morning's word

God is so incredible!
I only know a few things about today.  God, however, knows EVERYTHING about it!  He even gives me a few hints in our morning fellowship...

As rays come peeking through
I think of what to do...
half-way though the list
I look across the mist
and realize the Lord,
He's waiting by the board;
so we have coffee there
and He helps me prepare.

Another early day.
I vie for words to say,
but He says to me "Peace.
This day, to Me, release.
Don't even fret for word.
I know what is occurred.
But only take my hand.
I'll help you understand.

Agendas I can tell;
your schedule as well.
I never will be far
from what and where you are!
Just trust me yet once more

as you go out that door.
Your labors I will bless
and cause you great success."

Now beams instead of rays.

I give to Him my praise.
I thank Him for this day
as I go on the way.

His reality once again.
Yes, He is so real that He speaks to my spirit this morning and constantly through my day!  His Presence is invaluable!  His direction is priceless!  And I KNOW that success will happen as I follow His lead!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


A flower bloomed today.
I noticed on my way.
I had no time to stop;

the task I couldn't drop.
I hope it's there tonight.
For then, I'll take delight
in its perfume and grace!
(If I can find that place.)

A man reached out today
as I was on my way.
I waved when I was there
to let him know I care.
Continuing my way,
I vowed to stop and pray
if he's there later on.
(Such opportune now gone.)

It was a busy trip today.  I was successful at doing what I set out to do.  So many opportunities, however, to reach out and to notice.  Now the trip is known as a 'guilt trip.'  It is my own fault for missing the opportunities, the divine appointments that God had arranged especially for me.
I hope your day was more prosperous.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The end is near!

Closer to the end.
Crying out for those who are doing all they can to disrupt "order."  Praying that God changes their hearts so that they get saved and reach out to ones that ______________!!  A 'snow ball' effect! 
Wouldn't that be wonderful!
Thieves getting saved and reaching out to other thieves...
Drug dealers getting saved and reaching out to other drug dealers...
Murderers getting saved, and reaching out to other murderers...

So simple be salvation:
only Jesus' Blood!
Ask Him to live inside your heart,
He comes in like a flood!
Don't worry what you are losing
It only takes you saying "Yes"
to His salvation call!

It is so very simple,
yet many complicate!
You must be born again and then,
forever, you'll relate!
Living for Him in this life
has benefits, of course;
but we will not know Heaven 'til
that Trumpet's sounding force!

How many are the days 'til then?
No man knows the hour!
What to do until that day?
Be Jesus every way you can
that more folks would desire
to ask Him into their own hearts
and change them in entire!

Closer to the end.
The Great Commission:  Go unto all the world and preach.  Proclaim Jesus in what you do and say, and do so in love!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


After all the chores are done,
so precious be the rest.
Even that so unexpected
leaves one feeling blessed.
Some have got routine so firm-
each moment they to fill;
so blessed are the flexible
that God may use at will.

Have you the time to wait?
How rapid be your gait?
Be pliable always
and God will receive praise!

Yes, the day has many plans.  Some of us are so rigid in completing those plans that nothing can interrupt.  Not even God.
Don't be so set in your ways that you miss the way that God is moving.  I promise you, if you will follow His lead you both will get more accomplished.

Friday, September 16, 2016


In a season when many are making promises, it is so wonderful to have promises that WE KNOW WILL COME TRUE!

Even so, come quickly, Lord!'
the cry of many a heart!
We've done our best...we do our best...
we long yet to depart!
We know that You've prepared a Place;
we know that You'll return!
How much longer of this life
'til that for which we yearn?"

Celebrating all the day

upon the streets of gold...
walking with Him, hand-in-hand,
like we've always been told...
reuniting with the ones
gone on that we so miss...
We keep our hands upon the plow,
while pondering that bliss!
Yes, all the while, serving Christ-
the One Who meets us there!
Him Who knows about us each,
He'll mete each one their share!
No matter what that treasure is, though,
Walking on those streets of gold
beyond that silver shim!

He's coming soon.  HE'S COMING SOON!

Don't ever let this life or the things or situations of it distract or discourage you from that promise!  You belong to Him and He WILL return for all that is His!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The issues

Again, the issues are in our faces.  One of the blessings of living in a free country.
I hear so many say that they will be glad when this election is over so these issues will go away.
These issues will not go away until we are in a perfect place.  HEAVEN.
We do, however, have Someone with something that will endure through this election season and every other day!  His Name is Jesus.  And, in Him, is perfect peace!
We must do what we must do until that Day, but deep within something is certainly settled:

There is peace that's perfect
here in a world that's not.
Only One has got this peace,
and always has a lot!
There is no limit to His peace,
(just like His perfect love!)
That Peace belongs to Jesus Christ-
His kin may you be of!

This earthly life will not improve-
for He knows what's ahead.
We must be here until that day,
but, by Him, we are led!
We may go through some painful things,
but we won't be alone!
He will be there, within, without,
with peace that's clearly known!

Yes, there is a peace that's perfect-
it's only from One place.
It is availed without limit
due amazing grace!
Are you without such peace today?
Just call out Jesus' Name!
All the wonders of His love
may you then freely claim!

Jesus Christ.  Prince of peace.  Distributor of perfect peace.  Each of us need Him within more than ever in the days that are!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The silence roars.
In the sound of nothing, so many things are heard.
I seek silence, but when I find it the voices get louder.
Will it stop if I run faster?
Yet, as I run, someone is not only keeping pace with me, He assures me He is already where I am going and waiting for me.
Should I slow down then?
If I seek words will silence occur?
All the while, He says one word to me, "REST."

There is now so much happening;

How can I run away?
Wherever I go, things happen there-
it's just like ricochet!
I do not want to be exposed.
I don't want to get hurt.
The effort that "familiar" takes
I don't want to exert!
Why can't I just be myself?
Why must this man impress?
Who says I must?  There's only ONE
that I must seek to bless!
He already approves of this man
right now and always;
I do not have to run from Him
in ANY of my days!

Caught up again in trying to please

what cannot be pleased.
Already am I satisfied;
the enemy has teased!
I know who I am in The Lord,
I must but get a grip,
lest into that oppressive pit
so gradually I slip!


That beautiful word of reassurance comes so timely from His lips.  Even His elect can so easily get caught up and into a place where satisfaction can NEVER be found.
Don't let that happen to you.
Rest.  And don't be afraid of the silence.

Still hangin' on

The middle of September.
We had to use the heater one night last week.  This week, however, it is back into the 90's!
Still hangin' on, too, are the hummingbirds.  They are usually gone by now!  So joyfully entertaining are these wonderful creations!

The battle for the feeders-
it is a constant thing!
Listen to them argue...
listen to them sing!
Delightful are the antics as
they dart about the yard!
The prize would seem to be the nectar
after they have sparred!

So thankful for these little creatures
God has sent my way!
They always seem to ease the pain
developed in the day.
Never shall I take for granted
any of His gifts-
especially one that always seems
to give the day a lift!

God is so very good to us.  He finds ways to entertain us with simplicity...IF we pay attention.
What do you need today?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

His Best

In His glory. 
The wonder and the awe of it!  Always?
Sometimes, His glory can be something we least expect.

Once again, His glory is
to stable and to keep.
Though what the world offers may
be beautiful, it's cheap!
That which comes from high above
a spectacle may not be,
but it's exactly what is needed
to bring victory!

Once again, His glory--
sometimes it's 'practical.'
He knows what He is doing and
His gifts are tactical!
You may not know what it be for,
but He has got a plan,
and it WILL bring about His will
like not another can!

His glory--it is greater far
than we can understand.
Sometimes, the pain and suffering
is something He has planned.
He knows exactly what He's doing-
we, we MUST submit
if we're to know the purpose and
the victory of it!

Stay in tune with God.  He knows what is best for you.  He has what is best for you.  And, if you trust Him implicitly, that "best" will always cause you to matter how painful it might be.



So many are the memories
emotions to induce...
How many the results of them
much good for to produce?
So very painful the events
to bring about such change-
necessary changes, all of life
to rearrange!

How long to harbor hatred?
The very same "of whom?"
Every time we think of it
that hatred we exhume?
When to learn from past disaster
and then "move along?"
For clinging to such bitterness
is dangerous and wrong.

Praying for the enemies--
(as painful as it be,)
it is the greatest way to move on,
on to victory!
And all that each of us has lost
due that horrific crime,
God has promised to replace
if we but trust His time.

So many many much anger still churning in the hearts of so many.  I lost loved ones on that day.  You lost loved ones on that day.  Life lost loved ones on that day. 
A greater loss be life itself if a heart be unforgiving.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The view from here

The glory of God's creation.
The healing of God's creation!
It's everywhere.  Anywhere you cast your eyes, you can behold evidence of God.  HE MADE IT ALL!
Don't let anything prevent you from seeing Him as you look around!

From a rest stop high atop a knoll,
the beauty of creation is in whole!
God alone to know how many trees
whose scent is carried in the softest breeze.
Between the peaks, amidst the evergreens,
countless are the awe-inspiring scenes!
And God receives the glory.  God alone!
The song of living rises to the Throne!

That song of living is for us, as well!
The praises of our voices, to Him, swell!
He alone is worthy of that praise,
as He alone is Maker of our days!
Sing that song unto Him, one and all!
Answer to that innermost of call
crying out to give praise to His Name-
Jesus--now and evermore the same!

What a wonderful song!  What a wonderful sight!  What a wonderful Creator to share Himself and His handiwork with us!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Just a moment

Streaks across the late afternoon sky...
sunset reflecting off of the range afar...
surface of the lake be calm...
somehow, the day seems to have stopped for a moment?
"Please Lord, somehow, stop all of our problems for a moment so that we can catch our breath."

Noticing the moment and
the calm that it contains.
For awhile, there be no problems,
issues or no pains!
O that every man alive
could have a moment such!
How much closer could we get?
Close enough to touch?

But 'moving at the speed of life'
does not make time for that!
We must be 'full-speed' it seems
at the drop of a hat!!!
We must be?  Or have we just
made our lives that way?
All the while, God's whispering
"I have a better way!

So, take the time, note the moment
and the peace within.
Think of Jesus, knowing that
we ultimately win!
He will see that you catch up
if you will take the time-
just a moment in the day,
into His arms to climb!

The glory of His creation.
You cannot see it?  You will if you will take a moment and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.
Go for it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


A bunch of words...
35 years of marriage...
Thousands of pages of poems...
Hot Wheels...
What will my legacy be?  What will your legacy be?

What are the things that will be said
when we no longer are?
Did I touch anybody's life?
Did you touch lives afar?
Will anyone reflect upon
the deeds of you or I?
What am I doing in this life
that will identify?

But greater, what are each of us
doing to affect living
in a way that draws folks to
The God Who keeps on giving?
What we do says more than words,
and deeds do more than letters
when it comes to reaching out
and breaking through the fetters.

Words--they are important and

we need them so to learn.
But lest we do much more than 'talk,'
our witness they will spurn!
Be Jesus Christ in all you do
and not just what you say,
that there be more to join that crowd
that He takes on That Day!


What will your legacy be?
It is my prayer that your legacy, (and mine!) will be something that will stand forever!  May our lives be a witness and reach people and places that we cannot even imagine.  Give it ALL to Jesus!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

To weather the weather

Early evening again.
The skies of late have been so beautiful!!  The writer has been admiring the glory in the evening skies, as it has been like nothing seen before!
Tonight, however, the newscaster attributes the beauty of the sunsets to the hurricanes that are happening elsewhere.
Why does so much beauty come with such a painful price?

Once again, the colors cry out
all across the sky!
In the silent symphony
so entertained am I!
The glory and the majesty
that are with day to fade
inspire words and verses for
the pen to have displayed!

The many colors and the contrasts,
with each breath, to fade...
All glory to Almighty God Who,
each of them, has made!
Behold them and converse with Him
about the days that are;
pray for them that are affected,
near and o so far!

How unfair is the balance of
the world in which we live?
It seems that for each every 'take'
there is an equal 'give.'
Enjoy the glory of it all
while praying for the others.
For we must know that, in this life,
each of us are brothers.

Please join me in praying for those who are yet going through adversity--the adversity that nature can cause.  None of us has control over it, but we can humbly bow before The One Who does!

Monday, September 5, 2016


Early evening.
Time to go be with the Lord and listen to what He tells me.
Oh, Facebook.  I'll only be on here for a few minutes, then I'll give God the time.
8:30?!  What happened?!

So many are the issues that
would steal my time away...
so many the excuses that
I make when time to pray!
So many...yet again has come
a truth so loud and clear!
Yet, even as I call His Name,
my Father meets me here.

"Oh Lord, You are so merciful,

so generous, so kind.
Please forgive me, Lord, for letting
"Us" be undermined!
So simple is it for this man
to be seduced away;
for I must focus all the more
to, in Your presence, stay!"

How wonderful are these devices
with which we are blessed!
I must be very diligent
lest I be in a mess!
The tapping of the keys may steal
but hours from my day-
hours that could be spent better
if I were to pray.

Pray for me, please.   I know no one else has a problem like this. 
I need to spend more time IN His Presence and less time seeking presents.
Thank God for mercy.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


September.  Beautiful!
Though I desire and attempt to write of the glory of HIS creation, I am VERY ignorant!
I could follow Holy Spirit and pen the glory and majesty of that which I am staring at, but what good would that be to someone in the middle of Africa?
However, being Who He is, I am certain that those who have never witnessed beauty like we see here have beautiful sights of their own area to which they can relate.
That's the kind of God that I know and serve.

The Ozarks turning color in the evening.

Now and then, a leaf or two will fall.
Still, there is more life upon the branches
than in the quilt that will be known as "Fall."
However, in the colors that are turning,
mightily so moves the hand of God!
Upon the rolling hills and in the valleys
soon those leaves be blanketing the sod.

O how to count the colors of the hillside?

God and I attempt the very task!
He's already certain of the answer.
(I think I entertain Him as I ask!)
The sum, however, to be left to scholars,
I will but enjoy the awesome views
of the last of summer in the treetops-
its life, its many contrasts, and its hues!

Get out there this afternoon.  Find a place with a view and just look around.  Ask God to be at your side and talk about it with Him.  He'd love to know that you noticed.  He'd love even more to hear from you about it!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Never alone!!

Alone again?  NEVER!
My kids may be in other states...
my wife may be in another room...
my parents may be gone from this life now...
but I am NEVER alone!

As long as Jesus is alive,
(and He will ever be!)
I do not have to be 'alone,'
the way that people see.
He loves me.  We have relationship
that cannot be suppressed!
He is for always at my side,
I am so very blessed!

I always may communicate

with Jesus, Lord to me.
He even hears my heart when not
a word comes out of me!
He knows what I am doing long
before I get it done!
I thank Him for His help and He says
"That's alright, My son."

How wonderful it is to never

be alone at all!
How very fortunate am I
for answering His Call!
How priceless is the knowledge He
is with me at all times!
Even when I've pen-in-hand
seeking after rhymes!

There are certainly times in this life when we "feel" alone.  However, we are not!  And it is especially at those times when we should call out His Name because He will say or do something to prove Himself there!


Friday, September 2, 2016

That Beautiful Song

Clouds are slowly moving in.
The sun went down just awhile ago, but it is still illuminating the clouds!
So beautiful again!

Evening, and I will sing
a song unto my God!
The many trees that catch the breeze
reach to Him and applaud!
The birds, those with and without words,
they celebrate in flight;
I will not wait, but celebrate
unto Him with delight!

So many things today,
but all to lead one way:
unto my God and King!
O join me as I sing!

No matter how your day went, I invite you to join in that song that cannot be silenced: the song of praise from life unto God.
The song from His people...
the song from creation...
the song resounding through the heavens...
It is a song that is not based upon circumstance!  It is a song declaring that He is God and He is worthy!  Nothing can change that!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

About tomorrow

So beautiful...All while 'life' goes on?  Yes!  When you have the security of JESUS!

"You have our moments numbered,
and You contain our days.
We trust in Your direction as
we ask, Lord, of Your ways.
You never turn Your back on us, Lord,
when we look to You;
whatever these days may contain-
it all is known to You!
So great is the security
that loving You contains!
That does not mean we are without
this world's aches and pains!
It means that You are there with us
so we are not alone!
It means that You're embracing every
grimace and each groan!
So wonderful it is, oh Lord,
to know that we belong!
So glorious it is to have,
so deep inside, Your song!
We sing it without apprehension
in the days that are!
We pray it for the ones who need You
nearby and afar!"

I do not what to do about tomorrow.  I DO know, however, that when tomorrow gets here, God will tell me what to do about it.  I will not be without. 
You can have the same!
Just ask Him for it.