Thursday, August 18, 2016


Being in customer service for forty years and in ministry for about 35, you learn a lot about people.  Even today, I can tell what kind of day a person is having when they look at me.  Sure, there are masks.  Sure, there are actors.  Sure, there are fronts.
The Holy Spirit has gifted me with the ability to know how to pray for someone after about a minute of talking with them.
Am I bragging?  Absolutely not!  That is for HIS glory!
A MAJORITY of people who share their heart with us are not looking for someone to necessarily help them or fix them, they only want someone to listen to them.
Have you got a minute?

Again, the line is endless.

My time with them is short!
Inside of that transaction I must
edify, exhort!
To put a smile on their faces
will I surely try,
but if I have no smile within,
say, what good am I?
Each of us have issues,
each have deep concerns.
To be minus this life's woes
but each of us so yearns!
But this man DOES have issues,
and I know they do too;
to try and lessen their day's load
is what I'm called to do!

Each of us have a purpose.

God can use us each.
He will show you what it is if,
His will, you beseech.
Do all you can with all you have
as long as you can do-
the world will be a better place...
but that is up to you.

Each and every one of us is in a place where we can affect someone--for better or for worse. 

Have you got a minute?

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