Friday, August 26, 2016


Here they come.  Just above the tree line...over there...then over there...then up there...
Nightfall.  One-by-one, the stars and planets appear.
God is so good!

Day is done and, once again,
I meet with mighty God.
I watch as His creation fades,
I weep as I applaud!
He's here to meet me in the glory
of the fading day,
yet, even as creation fades,
His grace be on display!
So beautiful--the planets and
the stars that come to light;
so wonderful--the constellations--
guardians of night!
So fascinating God is even
in the darkness come!
So entertaining be the soundtrack--
sounds so premium!

Day is done.  And what a special

time to spend with God!
He makes again a masterpiece
of this most humble sod!
Causing restoration by
His touch--so many ways!
All I can do is listen to Him
and return my praise!

Each one of us has probably had a hectic day.  Do we just clock out, go home and veg-out?  I hope not!  Take a little time to spend with God and see Him move.  See Him move in your life.  It could be the best time you spend all day!


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