Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Sight of Faithfulness

Tapping the well once more.
Depending on Him to supply.
Knowing that just a few paragraphs from now there will be a message that is beneficial to myself and others.
That's how faithful God is!

Summer in the evening-
just look across the lake!
Busy be the waters now
as labor takes a break.
Yet beautiful to still remain
the vision of it all!
In the evening of the day
the Name of God I call.
Faithfully He comes to me,
(though He was never gone!)
We talk about the things We see-
the sights go on and on!
The rocky cliffs around the lake...
the verdant, rolling hills...
the rays on the horizon yet--
what glory He instills!

Summer in the evening
amidst His great creation!
So very fortunate, this man,
to have God as relation!
Converse does He about all things
that my life shall behold;
returning gratitude am I
for His creation bold!

Wherever you are, take a few moments to look around and find His touch.  Don't forget to thank Him for sharing it with you!

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